The original version of Force Field Explorer was written by Michael Schnieders, before and during his graduate school stay in Jay Ponder’s laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis. The code is now being developed and maintained by the Ponder group.

A significant contribution to Force Field Explorer was made by Zhiguang “Frank” Gao over the summer of 2002. The Force Field Explorer logo shows an optimized AMOEBA gas phase water dimer, and was provided by Pengyu Ren. The User’s Guide cover showing the crambin protein with 13-PHE highlighted was produced by Jay Ponder. Special thanks to Alan Grossfield for offering many helpful suggestions. We would also like to thank Eric Reiss for making available his modified version of some Java3D Behaviors, and Pat Niemeyer for his work in developing the BeanShell scripting framework. Important code modernization, additon of new options and updating of FFE was done over the period from 2013 to 2016 by Jeffrey Bigg, Tyler Ponder and Brendan McMurrow. A major reorganization and unification of the Linux, Windows and macOS code bases was completed during summer 2017 by Jay Ponder.

Reporting Bugs

We apologize in advance for any bugs that remain in Force Field Explorer. Should you happen to perform some command that causes a Java stack trace to be dumped to the console, please copy the output and forward to Poor video card drivers can sometimes result in unpredictable behavior from Force Field Explorer. If this should occur, try to find the latest drivers for your computer, operating system and video card combination.